Get on the front foot with piggy pests


By John Nolan
Regional Pest Animal Coordinator

P: 03 5881  9921 | M: 0428 629 278 | E:

Feral pig with snout in mudFeral pigs are a major pest across the Murray region, especially in areas around the rivers and creeks that flow to the west, and in the high country in the east.

Favourable autumn and winter rains have provided excellent surface water and feed for feral pigs. As they are opportunistic breeders, these good conditions will also have allowed for breeding to occur.

Sows can breed from six months of age and produce two litters of 4-10 piglets each year.

Feral pigs are highly destructive and can cause significant damage to crops, as well as prey on newborn lambs, stress livestock, damage wetlands, foul water, prey on native wildlife and damage infrastructure.

They are also a potential vehicle for the spread of exotic diseases such as foot and mouth disease and African swine fever, as well as carrying other diseases that can harm people.

Murray Local Land Services can help landholders manage feral pigs and reduce their numbers. There are various control options that we can help with, such as baiting and trapping. We encourage all landholders to report any feral pig activity they see and to work with us to develop a management strategy.

Contact our Invasive Species team to get involved in controlling this destructive pest, and, if you haven’t already, ask about joining our Feral Fighters pest groups across the region.

You can contact our team on 03 5881 9900 (Deniliquin), 02 6051 2200 (Albury) or 03 5886 2100 (Jerilderie).

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