Boxthorn up for grabs


By Jamie Hearn
Senior Land Services Officer - Central Murray Ramsar project

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Murray River Council boxthorn puller machinery

A multi-year boxthorn removal project at Cummmeragunja near Moama has received a boost this year with the engagement of the Murray River Council’s (MRC) boxthorn puller and spray units.

Boxthorn has been a problem on the 700 ha property for many years, with seeds from the site spreading into the adjoining Ramsar site and neighbouring properties. After initial efforts at cutting and pasting infested areas, the task was deemed too large, and the Land Council engaged the Council’s machine to continue the work.

The 100 HP machine makes short work of lifting the larger plants out of the sandy soil and stockpiling them for later burning. Murray River Council then sprays the remaining smaller plants and regrowth from the cut and paste site. This work will bring the total area of boxthorn controlled on Cummeragunja to over 300 ha, almost half the entire property. Project manager Tim Moodie also organised a few days extra as a contribution from Murray River Council.

Uncle Col Walker lives at Cummeragunja and has seen the weed spread across the farm over the years. Col has been watching the machine at work and is excited to see boxthorn control in action.

The boxthorn puller is also heading out to a property near Womboota shortly to undertake some follow-up work there as well. Please contact Tim Moodie from the Murray River Council on 0447 516 202 for more information on the machine.

Uncle Col Walker in front of stockpiled boxthorn

Top photo: Murray River Council's boxthorn pulling machinery.

Bottom photo: Uncle Col Walker in front of pulled & stockpiled boxthorn.

This project is supported by Murray Local Land Services, through funding from the Australian Government's National Landcare Program.

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