Combatting Kolety (Edward River) bank erosion


By Josh Campbell                 
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Kolety rush revegetation

Bank erosion is a growing concern in the mid-Murray and Edward rivers. In response to this, the Deniliquin community has revegetated riverbanks with reeds, rushes and sedges to reduce bank erosion and provide vital habitat for aquatic insects, fish, birds and mammals.

The Edward/Kolety River Bank Revegetation Project is a partnership lead by the Edward-Wakool Angling Association and Deniliquin Kolety Lagoons Landcare Group with assistance from the Deniliquin High School. The project started as a trial in 2019. Over 6 km of riverbank has been planted with species sourced from the local area, particularly the Deniliquin Lagoons revegetation project.

Monitoring progress, community involvement, and learning by doing have been vital to the project’s success. Revegetation of areas with high boat activity is difficult. However, the group have learnt a few things to improve plant survival. Planting in Autumn seems to be the best for most species. Yet, the River Clubrush (Schoenoplectus Validus) and Tall spike rush (Eleocharis sphacelate) can be planted at any time as long as there is moisture. Using rooted stock allows the plants to establish straight away, and if it gets cold or dry, the plant has an energy reserve to rely on until conditions change. Project monitoring has shown well above 80% survival in rooted stock and below 20% in cuttings.

Project officer John Conallin has trialled planting a range of species, planting at different times, with varying propagation techniques. From these trials, we have been able to determine how and when to get the best establishment. Apart from the technical learnings, the most rewarding part of the long-term project is to show the community that they can actively manage their resources and look after their rivers and wetlands.

Building on the success so far and using what they have learnt, the groups have turned their attention to the Deniliquin ski zone setting up a trial planting site directly adjacent to the local boat club. Initial monitoring has shown some species have established even with a battering from high wave action. This is excellent news for future revegetation plans in the local area.

The Deniliquin Kolety Lagoons Landcare Group partners include the Edward-Wakool Anglers Association, Yarkuwa Indigenous Knowledge Centre, Deniliquin High School, and Edward River Council.

The Edward River Revegetation Project is supported by the Murray Local Land Services through funding from Catchment Action NSW.

Deniliquin community members planting rushes into Kolety Deniliquin community planting rushes into Kolety river bank

Top photo: River Clubrush (Schoenoplectus Validus) planted in 2019 (Josh Campbell). Bottom left photo: Rosanne Farrant and Dan Hutton with rooted stock ready for planting (John Conallin). Bottom right photo: Rosanne Farrant showing bank erosion in the Edward river (John Conallin).

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