Garry joins the Ag Advisory team


Garry Armstrong

There’s a new face at Murray Local Land Services, with long-time Deniliquin local Garry Armstrong being appointed as Team Leader Agricultural Advisory Services.

The Murray LLS Agricultural Advisory Team has specialist knowledge of local agricultural systems, offering support and advice across all sectors, including mixed farming, agronomy, weeds, dairy, livestock, horticulture, and grains.

Garry said: “This is an exciting new challenge for me with a lot of overlap from my previous roles. I have always had a passion for agriculture and agricultural production systems and their continuous improvement and truly enjoy assisting producers in finding solutions to issues.”

Before joining Murray LLS, Garry ran his own agricultural consultancy business providing training on livestock production systems. He has also managed station and high rainfall agricultural holdings in NSW and Victoria and held leadership roles with Agriculture Victoria.

“Agriculture is a vital economic contributor and a major employer within regional NSW, which is why I’ve chosen to dedicate my career to it. My experience means I understand our landholders' on-farm challenges, whether they are small-scale producers or large commercial operations.”

Garry says the Murray LLS Agricultural Advisory team will remain committed to supporting local producers to achieve their goals, benefitting the region’s vital agriculture and food sectors.

“We focus on providing local producers with the tools to maintain and improve the sustainable farming practices they have carried out for many years. I would like the Team to continue positively impacting local producers and the community by delivering meaningful programs that protect our natural assets whilst improving productivity and profitability.”

If you would like to speak to Garry about how the Agricultural Advisory Team can help you or just want to say hello, he can be contacted on 0473 809 662 or

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