International Wetlands and People Day events


By Josh Campbell
Land Services Officer - Environment

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Releasing small-bodied native fish into Deniliquin Lagoons

Wetlands and threatened fish species that inhabit them are a major focus of Natural Resource Management community groups and agencies in the local area.

With the support of Murray Local Land Services, two successful events were held in December looking at wetland food and fibre and threatened native fish species. With around 80 participants over the 2 days, the events included discussions about future plans to expand both the Deniliquin Lagoons program and the Pollack project.

The first event (hosted by the Western Murray Land Improvement Group and NSW Forestry Corporation) showcased the rehabilitation of the Pollack swamp in the Koondrook-Perricoota forest. Habitat at the wetland has improved greatly in recent years due to revegetation activities, pest and weed control, and environmental watering.

Attendees learned more about the rehabilitation project, the rich cultural heritage at the site, and the importance of wetlands as a source of food for people around the world. The site visit was followed by a barbecue at Murray Connect in Barham where participants enjoyed tasting cooked small-bodied fish species and the always popular carp.

The next day it was the Deniliquin lagoons turn to showcase their 10-year program to breed threatened species in the Deni lagoons. Participants enjoyed a barbecue breakfast with some great displays from community members showcasing weaving using native plants and native plant art supplies.

It was a special day for the program with the first release of southern purple spotted gudgeon’s (a small-bodied threatened native fish species most likely extinct in the NSW southern MDB) in southern NSW as part of the Tri-state Mid-Murray Floodplain Recovery Reach Program. The lagoon system is now home to three threatened fish species with Southern pygmy perch and Eel-tailed catfish already breeding in the system. We hope to see the Purple spots breeding in the future.

Pollack Swamp

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