Aboriginal Community Advisory Group

Hunter Local Land Services recognises that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples are the oldest continuous living cultural group in the world.

We pay our deepest respects to the Traditional Custodians of the Fresh and Saltwater Lands and Country right across the region, and we honour their Elders through the thousands of generations. Hunter Local Land Services also acknowledges the diverse and rich cultures of all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples living in the Hunter and Manning Great Lakes Regions who willingly share their sacred traditional knowledge in land and environmental management to ensure Country and Waters are protected, restored, and preserved in ways for everyone to enjoy.

The Board and staff of Hunter Local Land Services are extremely proud of the long standing and collaborative relationship with our dedicated Aboriginal Community Advisory Group (ACAG). Nominated members from the nine Local Aboriginal Land Councils and numerous Aboriginal-led organisations across the Hunter and Manning Great Lakes advise and guide Hunter Local Land Services on strategies and actions to benefit Aboriginal Communities in the Hunter and Great Lakes Regions.

We remain committed to working with the Aboriginal communities of this region so that the coming years are inclusive of Aboriginal knowledge and cultures which come from continued and unbroken connections to Country and Community.

Dr Elizabeth McEntyre
Worimi and Wonnarua First Nations Woman and Elder
Hunter Local Land Services Board Member.

Our Aboriginal Community Advisory Group (ACAG) meets twice a year – and we would love to have your voice amongst us.

The group consists of 10 Local Aboriginal Land Councils and 15 community members representing key issues and opportunities on behalf of their local community groups and organisations from across the Hunter and Manning Great Lakes.

Some priorities and outcomes identified by the previous Aboriginal Community Advisory Group include:

  • Hunter Local Land Services Cultural Burn training program
  • Weed and Pest Management
  • Aboriginal Land Management Knowledge sharing, training and employment opportunities
  • Cultural Outcomes on TSRs
  • Cultural Awareness and Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Due Diligence
  • Development of key partnerships.

For further information contact:

Toby Whaleboat on 0429 303 765 or by email: toby.whaleboat@lls.nsw.gov.au

Whitney Ridgeway on 0427 012 648 or by email: whitney.ridgeway@lls.nsw.gov.au

Allison Warry on 0437 008 259 or by email: allison.warry@lls.nsw.gov.au

2023 Expressions of interest for new ACAG members - come join us! 

Hunter Local Land Services is calling on First Nations people actively involved in their community that have a passion in Cultural land management, Cultural awareness and employment opportunities with ambition in promoting and building partnerships to join our dynamic Aboriginal Community Advisory Group. The Group was first formed in 2014, and is looking for members for the next two years.

The Aboriginal Community Advisory Group meets twice a year providing the opportunity to work with members of the Hunter Local Land Services Board and staff and community/industry representatives on a number of key issues relating to Cultural Land Management, Natural Resources Management, Sustainable Agriculture, Biosecurity and Emergency Management preparedness. Applications are now being accepted, please get in touch if you would rather register your interest over the phone.

Complete the expression of interest form.

Terms of Reference

This advisory group has its own terms of reference.

Meeting summaries

A summary of what is covered at each meeting is available for your information.