Podcast survey results are in

By Callen Thompson, Mixed Farm Advisor

A big thankyou to all those who took the time to fill out our Seeds for Success survey. We had 62 respondents who have given us some great feedback on what they like about the show, what we could change, what topics they would like us to address and even some ideas for future guests.

The comments were very positive, with many listeners enjoying the laid-back approach of the podcast and the relatability of the guests. Listeners liked that they could hear about local farmers experiences and learn from their stories. Many respondents mentioned that they enjoyed our podcasts because they could listen on demand, particularly while doing something else. In fact, most respondents listen to Seeds for Success while driving to and from town.

When we asked what you would like to change, nearly everyone said, “Nothing!” A few people thought the episodes were too long and a few thought too short, I wonder if this represents peoples distance from town? There was some great feedback around future topics, which we will talk about below.

We were very keen to know what you wanted to hear more about, and we have already started to interview guests with these topics in mind. Many listeners said they would like to hear more about sheep, luckily Rohan has had a great discussion with Mark Mortimer about using technology in his merino sheep business (due out in January) and I have an interview lined up on merino genetics. Other listeners were keen to hear more from regenerative farmers, if this interests you, stay tuned for some great interviews by Jas, due out early next year.

Start-up stories seem to be popular from the survey results, with many listeners enjoying the interview Jill conducted with Jarrod and Emma Amery, and many asking for more stories on how producers got into agriculture. Hopefully by now you have heard the great yarn with Darrell Jordison about his journey to farm ownership.

There was also some suggestions for future guests. One name suggested was Mick Doolan, Mick was happy to have a yarn with me about his start up story, in particular talking about his experiences in the first 10 years of farm ownership. Mick’s interview is due out next week. If you haven’t listened to Seeds for Success, you can find it here or look on your favourite podcast platform.

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