Winter warning – Collecting firewood on TSRs is illegal

People looking for fuel to stoke up their winter fires have been warned that collecting wood from Travelling Stock Reserves (TSRs) is illegal and fines of up to $5,500 can apply.

Local Land Services has issued the reminder that legal action may be taken against anyone found removing firewood.

There are no exemptions and hefty fines apply to anyone caught removing timber or disturbing either live or dead vegetation on the TSR network.

While permits are available to collect firewood from selected state forests, Local Land Services does not issue permits for wood collection and we want to make it very clear that removing either standing or dead timber is not allowed on TSRs under any circumstances.

Stock routes are important in times of drought for the movement of livestock and are also an extremely valuable refuge for many rare and endangered native plants and animals.

Fallen logs and standing dead wood provide critical habitat for a wide range of species and need to be left in place in the natural environment.

Decaying timber and leaf litter are also important in the process of nutrient recycling back in to the soil.

The Travelling Stock Reserves are a valuable public asset, and Local Land Services is responsible for maintaining the TSR network.

Action may be taken against anyone found removing firewood or carrying out other illegal activities such as dumping rubbish, riding dirt bikes or four-wheel driving.

Fines of up to $5,500 can apply to people caught carrying out illegal activity on TSRs under the Local Land Services Act 2013.

People can report any illegal activity to Local Land Services on 1300 795 299, or to their local police station on 131 444.

Making a note of information such as registration numbers, descriptions, locations and dates can provide valuable assistance in the prosecution of offenders.

For more information contact your nearest Local Land Services office on 1300 759 299.

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