Soil testing video series

Central west farmers now have access to local information to help them test and manage their soil assets.

The Central West Local Land Services today released a series of online videos showing how farmers can test and understand their soil.

The tests shown are a simple and inexpensive way of understanding what is happening below.

The video series is an easily accessible resource for farmers unable to attend field days or training. They also are a useful refresher for people who have attended training.

Soil is one of a property's most valuable assets. It needs to be managed correctly for a productive and sustainable farm business, according to Central West Local Land Services Cropping Officer Neroli Brennan.

"Your soil is your business's greatest asset, but if it is not carefully understood and managed it can be your greatest constraint to production," said Neroli.

"Getting to know your soil is easy, and it doesn't have to be expensive. Taking 30 minutes out of your day to sample and field test your soil for pH, texture and soil structural stability could be the best time spent in your paddock all year.

"If you understand what you are working with, you can make informed management decisions."

Neroli is encouraging farmers to look at their emerging crop now and ask themselves whether they need to carry out some testing.

"If your crops have struggled to germinate or you have poor plant establishment and persistence, it may be time to look underground for your answers.

"The video series are a great way to learn more about soil testing, but I still encourage people to get out to one of our field days or workshops and get your hands dirty."

The video series covers:

Alternatively, contact Central West Local Land Services Cropping Officer, Neroli Brennan (0428 692 713 or for more information or help on getting started.

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