Protect production by targeting pest animals

March 2020

With grass starting to grow in the region following recent rain, Local Land Services is working with producers to ensure the impact of pest animals on production is minimised.

The agency is working with landholders across the Central West and Central Tablelands regions to help control wild deer, feral pigs, foxes and wild dogs.

Central West Local Land Services senior biosecurity officer Rhett Robinson said a recent program involving 21 landholders south of Wellington had a successful impact on wild deer and feral pigs.

“The control program took place over four days and resulted in the removal of 590 wild deer and 90 feral pigs,” Mr Robinson said.

“Wild deer population control is necessary to ensure numbers don’t get out of hand as they can impact the amount of grazing available to livestock and ultimately cost graziers financially,” he said.

“It was pleasing to see deer numbers reduced on the properties involved in last year’s program.

"Deer are now present in many areas throughout the region in low numbers.

“We are encouraging landholders not to ignore these and start working together doing control before numbers rise to the high levels seen south of Wellington", Mr Robinson said.

Other regular autumn pest animal control programs are continuing to be rolled out with landholders, Mr Robinson said.

“Our biosecurity officers are working with landholders in their regions to target foxes, wild dogs and feral pigs to help limit their impact on production,” he said.

“Pest animals cost agricultural industries hundreds of millions of dollars each year through reduced wool and meat production due to grazing competition, predation by wild dogs and foxes and crop damage from feral pigs.

“We encourage landholders to join pest animal management groups in their region as the most effective population controls happen when landholders work in groups.”

To find out more about pest animal control phone Local Land Services on 1300 795 299.

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