Insect pests in field crops

Don't let insects bug you

With spring well and truly in the air, many farmers are wading through crops assessing their insect pressure.

It is important when checking your crops to not only have a good understanding of how to identify insect pests, but also how to identify the beneficial insects that are present in the crop working hard on your behalf.

In addition an understanding is needed of monitoring techniques and economic thresholds to make an informed decision on whether to control an insect pest outbreak.

Many of the traditional insecticides used are extremely toxic to both the insect pest but also the good beneficial insects.

So make sure you are targeting the insect pest only with your product selection so that beneficial insects are maintained to help with subsequent pest outbreaks.

There are many great resources available to assist you in identifying pest and beneficial insects in field crops:

Also, go online to access lots more information:

If in doubt, give us a shout. Call your local Central West Local Land Services Ag Advisory staff.

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