Managing invasive native scrub guide

A best management practice guide for the Central West and Western Regions

Invasive native scrub (INS) is a serious issue affecting large areas of central and western NSW, and rangelands elsewhere. The encroaching and dense regeneration of native trees and shrubs impacts on farm production, communities and the environment.

This ‘road map’ outlines the principles, processes and techniques used to manage INS and restore affected landscapes into a healthy mosaic.

This resource is the product of a collaborative research program on INS.

This work was undertaken across the central west and western regions of NSW to help us better understand the principles and practices of managing INS.

This resource presents findings from this program and draws on up-to-date scientific research, landholder experience and previously published information.

In addition, the road map also provides access to detailed scientific reports, historical publications and hands-on resources to give a comprehensive background for INS management.

Please note however that this resource is not property specific and provides only one source of information to help landholders, Local Land Services and others manage INS. Readers should seek appropriate advice when applying this information to their specific needs.

Managing invasive native scrub to rehabilitate native pastures and open woodlands
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