Guide for rural landholders

This Handbook brings together some of the significant issues you will face as a rural landowner or land manager in our community.

It also gives contact details of people, websites and organisations that provide support to rural landowners. As organisations change from time to time, useful internet searches are also listed at the end of each section.

Why live in a rural area?

Getting away from it all is an Australian dream. In our area, getting away from it all often involves buying a rural block.

Rural blocks can be productive farmland, a bush block or a combination of both.

For some, getting away from it all means finding a healthy environment to raise children, or a place to retire away from the stress of the city.

Others want to commune with nature or find a weekend escape.

Need for environmental sustainability

The environment is under pressure from our collective lifestyles. All levels of government are pursuing
sustainable development to protect our environment for the future. Local activities have a significant effect on water quality and catchment health.

We have a responsibility to ensure we care for and maintain healthy rivers, streams and bushland.

Rural lands also help protect native vegetation which is home to wildlife, including many threatened species.

These flora and fauna are not only important parts of the ecosystem, but provide amenity to landholders
and visitors.

Working with your community

We also need to get along well with our neighbours so we can all achieve our individual goals without
affecting the pleasure of others. The rural landscape is a productive farming and resource area, and some of the legitimate activities carried out in the area may have unavoidable impacts.

Be aware that some rural activities might affect you, and the level of services such as waste collection or water supply here may not be the same as in more built up areas.

Various levels of government have management requirements and information available to help landowners and managers.

Different people will want to manage their land in different ways. Some will want to keep and enhance the existing bush.

Others will want to run stock and cultivate crops. Whatever your goals as a landowner or manager, you need to be aware of your rights and responsibilities. 

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