Fungi guide

Fungi of the Central Tablelands and Central West NSW

Your guide to identifying fungi

We often hear about flora and fauna without considering the integral role fungi play in most if not every ecosystem. Easy to overlook given their largely hidden and unseen role, fungi truly are the Forgotten Kingdom.

From the ability to increase nitrogen, carbon, oxygen and phosphorus in the soil through decomposition of organic matter, to their essential role in many household and industrial processes, fungi play a part in most of our lives.

We have produced a guide that presents a selection of 96 species from hundreds, possibly thousands that grow in the diverse habitats of the Central Tablelands and Central West regions of NSW. It includes some of the more conspicuous and distinctive species that are relatively easy to identify in the field.

The guide covers:

  • Fungus conservation
  • Major fungus morphogroups
  • What to look for when identifying
  • Aboriginal uses of fungi

Our offices in the Central Tablelands and Central West will have copies of the guide available.

You can also download a PDF copy here.

Discovery fungi - videos

In the Central Tablelands, we have worked with ecologist Alison Pouliot to compile a series of videos that explore the Forgotten Kingdom which will help you understand the role of fungi and hopefully have you looking differently at soils and plants.

Video 1 -  The Forgotten Kingdom

In the first video of the series we look at what fungi are, aren’t, and the terms used to describe them.

Video 2 -  Diversity of the Forgotten Kingdom

In our second video we take a look at the diversity and habitats of fungi in Australia.

Video 3 -  The important role fungi play in symbiosis

The third video in the series explores symbiosis, which means the association of fungi with other organisms. We look at what fungi are, how they work and why they matter.

Video 4 -  Fungi on the farm

Our fourth video focuses on fungi on the farm, with look at agro-ecosystems and how to increase the capacity to adjust to change. Fungi are often overlooked but are a vital part of that process.

Video 5 -  How to identify different fungi species

In our fifth video we take a look at basic steps of how to identify fungi. This includes careful observation, comprehensive knowledge of fungi in context of their environments.

Video 6 -  Interesting fungi species in Australia

In our final video of the series, we look at a couple of interesting species in Australia. Whether a forager, naturalist or someone who loves the Australian bush, this video will have you looking up.

For more information contact:

Liz Davis, Regional Agriculture Landcare Facilitator –

This project is supported by Central Tablelands Local Land Services through funding from the Australian Government's National Landcare Program.

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