Video Resource Material

Western Local Land Services produces a range of online videos and documentaries to support landholders and the community.

Videos range from practical hands-on tutorials to natural resource education and the award-winning Through our Eyes, Aboriginal cultural knowledge documentaries.

Rehydrating dehydrated systems, Katalpa Station

Luke and Sarah Mashford, Katalpa Station, have been pro-active in making improvements that not only benefit their production but the local environment.

Our paddocks to your plate

The happy, healthy meat from Western NSW rangelands.

Rangelands: Growing meat naturally 

Hear why the rangelands are so suited to the production of protein that is going to feed a growing global population.

Managing the national icon

The overpopulation of kangaroos can cause massive issues for landholders, the environment and the kangaroos themselves.


Reducing soil erosion and soil loss in Western NSW.

Caring for country

Hear how change in technology and communications is assisting landholders in the Western region.

About Western Local Land Services

This short film provides an overview of what we do at Western Local Land Services. Our services cover Agricultural Advice, Natural Resource Management, Biosecurity and Emergency Management. In this film staff explain how our organisation provides these services to support sustainable land management and communities in the Western region of NSW.

Agricultural Advice

One of the pillars of service that Western Local Land Services provides is that of agricultural advice. This short film outlines these specialist services and how they work in conjunction with our other pillars of service.

Natural Resource Management

Natural Resource Management is one of the four pillars of Western Local Land Services and we achieve our goals through working with land managers and communities to improve the natural resources of our region. This short film explains some of the ways that we achieve these goals and how supporting natural resources works in with the other pillars of our organisation: agriculture, biosecurity and emergency management.


This short film provides an overview of our biosecurity role in protecting the economy, environment and community from the negative impacts of pests, diseases and weeds.

Emergency Management

Western Local Land Services works alongside the NSW Department of Primary Industries and other agencies to provide vital support service in emergencies where agriculture and animals are impacted.  We operate under the State Emergency Management Plan across a wide range of emergencies, including: natural disasters such as flood, bushfire and drought; biosecurity events involving plants, animals and pest insects such as locust plagues.

Stepping Up To Manage Country Workshops

In March 2015 Western Local Land Services held two-day workshops in Brewarrina and Menindee for Aboriginal land managers to share knowledge and link with service providers.  Participants learned of a range of support and services they can access and many new exciting ideas, partnerships and projects emerged from the workshops.

2014 Grant Funding Short Videos

As part of its ongoing grants funding program, Western Local Land Services works with landholders to develop applications for fencing works that improve total grazing pressure and river banks. Projects that improve rangeland areas by using ponding banks and other erosion control measures will also be funded.

This series of short videos gives applicants an insight to how to complete the application form, as well as some tips from previous applicants and staff on what to include.

Looking over the Fence: Grazing Management in the Rangelands

These documentaries feature five land managers explaining the practical ways they use sustainable grazing management principles on their properties.

Filmed across the NSW rangelands, the landholders show how these principles make their properties healthier and more productive.

Dr Dave in the Outback

Dr Dave Watson from Charles Sturt University presents a number of environmental and natural resource management education videos 'What have we got here? ... with Dr Dave'.

The 'Dr Dave' series was generously supported and funded by Local Land Services Western Region; Caring for Our Country; Landcare NSW; Communities in Landscape, and the NAB Schools First program.

Ecological Cultural Knowledge

Ecological Cultural Knowledge - Barkindji (north of Pooncarie)

The Ecological Cultural Knowledge series records the cultural knowledge of plants and language of five language groups in south-western NSW. In this short film, the Barkindji (north of Pooncarie) people share their traditional knowledge of the local vegetation which is spiritually and culturally significant to them generating a means by which the knowledge may be passed on to future generations.

Ecological Cultural Knowledge - Ngiyampaa

The Ecological Cultural Knowledge series records the cultural knowledge of plants and language of five language groups in south-western NSW. In this short film, the Ngiyampaa people share their oral histories and different uses of native plant materials in the local area to protect and preserve the stories for future generations.

Through our Eyes

Through our Eyes - Series 1

The Through our Eyes series of nineteen short documentaries feature Aboriginal Elders and knowledge-holders from the Ngemba, Kamilaroi and Euahlayi language groups in north-western NSW describing the land management practices and social, spiritual and cultural knowledge that enabled their people to care for the country for tens of thousands of years. This documentary explains the project and how it fits into larger project to document Aboriginal land management practices and cultural knowledge and to make it accessible for current and future generations.

Through our Eyes - Series 2

Through Our Eyes series 2, features Aboriginal Elders and knowledge-holders from the Baarkindji nation discussing land management practices and social, spiritual and cultural knowledge that has enabled their people to care for the country for tens of thousands of years. These films were filmed around Mutawintji National Park and Wilcannia.

Through our Eyes - Series 3

Kings with Empty Pockets - Herb Wharton

Cowboys and Shearers - Sonny Orcher

Coming Home - with Ngiyampaa mob

A place of your own - Joan Slade and Coral Ellis

Remembering Alice Kelly - with Patsy Winch and Maureen Reyland

Weilmoringle Freak - Sonny Orcher

Welcome to Kooma Country - Geoff Drury

Locals improving the landscape

A series of films ranging from managing mesquite to traditional burning and the cultural significance at Lake Woytchugga near Wilcannia NSW.

Talking Agricultural Sustainability - NSW Western Landcare

Produced by NSW Western Landcare, Talking Agricultural Sustainability is a series of documentaries talking with local landholders about the implementation of on-farm sustainability.

Uncle Roy Kennedy and the Dryland Folk of Ivanhoe

Film one - Uncle Roy Kennedy and the Dryland Folk of Ivanhoe. Uncle Roy Kennedy, Ngiyampaa Elder relates his stories of the life of the Dryland Folk of Ivanhoe on Marfield Station.

Film two - Uncle Roy Kennedy, Ngiyampaa Elder's family life. Uncle Roy tells of family life from his childhood through to his 60 plus year marriage to Auntie Beryl.

Film three - Uncle Roy Kennedy, Ngiyampaa Elder, the early years. Uncle Roy talks about the early years of station life in Ngiyampaa country.

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