Love is in the air for the region's raptors

The breeding season for birds of prey is underway on the Northern Tablelands with birds nesting and the first chicks hatching and eager for food.

There are 18 of these species seen regularly in the Northern Tablelands, and five of them - the Square-tailed Kite, White-bellied Sea-Eagle, Spotted Harrier, Little Eagle and Black Falcon - are classified as Vulnerable.

Northern Tablelands Local Land Services Project Officer Euan Belson said they are appealing for the community’s help, especially landholders, to report any sightings of birds of prey, especially their location, habitat and any observed habits.

“Our monitoring program has been going strong for five years and has uncovered a treasure-trove of data and insights but we also appreciate the public’s help to learn more about these majestic birds,” Euan said.

“The drought was especially devastating to local populations, but we are starting to see these birds bounce back thanks to improved conditions.

“From now through to the New Year is the best time to be on the look-out for birds of prey. They are active at nest sites, and so far we are hoping for good breeding results.

“Unfortunately a nest in Armidale was destroyed by the recent tornado but the good news is the other observed nests around Armidale seem intact.

“If you see injured birds please report them to us as soon as possible. It’s easy to report what you see by phoning or emailing us with a location and images.

“For local bird lovers, we would also recommend following a recently launched Facebook site ‘Raptors of Northern New South Wales’ that is becoming increasingly popular and a very entertaining way of discovering what the birds are up to with lots of video footage captured by avid bird watchers”.

You can contact Northern Tablelands Local Land Services on 02 6770 2000, or by email and one of the team will be glad to help.

Media contact: Annabelle Monie on 0429 626 326.

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