Talking Koalas

Local Land Services co-hosted the NSW Inland Koala Conservation Workshop in Gunnedah as part of the Kamilaroi Guda Koalas Project. Can you help with a community survey?

This project is delivered by North West Local Land Services through funding from the Australian Government’s Environment Restoration Fund.

Koala experts from around the state attended the NSW Inland Koala Conservation Workshop which was hosted by Local Land Services and Department of Planning and Environment. The purpose of the day was to bring the experts together to share the latest information and challenges facing inland NSW koala conservation. The day saw 16 speakers discuss how they have been working on koalas in the inland region and what their recommendations for the future are.

The second part of the day saw the experts break into smaller groups to discuss in depth what activities should be focused on to secure the inland population.

The day was extremely informative, and it is anticipated that the topics discussed will continue between researchers, government departments and interested locals to inform the best way forward to protect inland koalas.

Local ecologist Phil Spark, attended the workshop and reported his recent survey results in the Gunnedah area as part of the Kamilaroi Guda Koalas project.

He is now keen to turn the focus on the slopes area from Barraba to Wallabadah including around Tamworth.

“It's an area that we have very few records of koalas and we know that they are being seen more often,” Phil said.

“We would like to start investigating and target sites for koala surveying in this area to understand the population and its health.”

If you spot a koala in this area, please get in contact with Angela Baker or 0429 368 693.

For more information on the Kamilaroi Guda Koalas Project, visit the Kamilaroi Guda Koalas page on the North West website.

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