NLP Funding available in the North West to manage for climate adaptation and new markets

We are keen to hear from Landcare, producer, or industry groups interested in applying for funding under the National Landcare Program (NLP).

Funding is available to assist groups identify and implement on-farm changes to better adapt to climate variability and meet market demands. This project aims to increase the capacity of agriculture systems in the region to adapt to significant changes in climate and market demands.

North West Local Land Services will partner with Landcare groups, industry groups, universities and agribusiness providers to fund workshops and activities which focus on benchmarking (farm biophysical, production and financial), understanding market traceability and provenance, managing climate risks, and understanding current and emerging market demands.

These activities will improve the resilience of farmers in the region to changing market demands and climate.

Information about existing projects and a link to videos and resources can be found on the Resilient Regional Agriculture page on the North West Local Land Services website.

For further information, contact George Truman on or  0427 505 040.

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