North West feral pig baiting campaign

Over the past six months North West Local Land Services invasive species team have been leading a feral pig baiting campaign. This campaign has relied on the service of contractors to conduct feral pig baiting programs in full for a number of groups of North West landholders that were identified by their local Biosecurity Officer.

The aim of this campaign has been to increase landholder participation and engagement in feral pig baiting programs, and boost awareness of feral pig numbers in the area. Promoting the use of 1080 as an effective tool against feral pigs and overcoming misconceptions associated with 1080.

The campaign involved 85 holdings spanning over 126,000 hectares. Each program took approximately two weeks, depending on weather constraints. Uptake of poison 1080 grain within all groups was proven successful and many feral pigs were disposed of.

To get involved in your local baiting groups or discuss a proactive management program, speak with a Biosecurity Officer by calling 1300 795 299.

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