Waratah Project Winter Wrap

It’s been a busy start in the first six months of the Waratah Project

In the first six months, Local Land Services has completed over 1,500 hectares of weed control targeting African box thorn, prickly pear, tiger pear, tree pear, mother-of-millions and honey locust. Aerial pest animal controls have also been conducted across all sites culling 814 pest animals.

A total of 55km of Aboriginal cultural heritage surveys were also conducted in preparation for fencing and access track construction to ensure the protection of culturally significant sites and objects.

Since January, 17 local businesses have been engaged to implement work activities across all sites, providing work for over 20 local contractors.

July has also seen the commencement of fencing and earthworks contractors on site. They have been forming access tracks, easements, and new fence lines between neighbours and public roads to improve access and ongoing management.

The 78 ha of planned revegetation activities are due to commence in September 2022. This corridor will connect Long Mountain to Breeza State Forest, which will improve koala habitat and connectivity across the landscape, as well as provide direct habitat connectivity to over 5,900 ha of remnant vegetation.

For more information or to get in contact with the project team contact Caleb Doyle, Project Coordinator on 0428 641 858 or via e-mail caleb.doyle@lls.nsw.gov.au, OR Wally Hammond, Community Engagement Officer on 0419611715 or via e-mail wally.hammond@lls.nsw.gov.au.

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