Is it a fox or a dog?

With the welcome rain that has fallen across most of the region this year, it has been a great opportunity to undertake regular inspections of your property to check for fresh pest animal tracks. Sometimes it is difficult to tell fox and dog tracks apart and you can’t always rely on the size of the track to tell the difference.

A key indicator between fox and dog tracks is the positioning of the two inside toe pads in relation to the two outside toe pads.

Dog: the track is rounder and the outside toe pads will intersect with the inside toe pads

Fox: the track is more elongated and the outside toe pads do not intersect with the inside toe pads

Whilst we are experiencing these wet conditions, keep in mind that wet conditions may lead to tracks of different sizes from the same animal – all depending on the soil type the animal is walking over and the soil moisture.

If you think you may have wild dogs on your property and would like to speak with a Biosecurity Officer to get more information or to discuss a proactive management program, please call us on 1300 795 299.

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