North West Aboriginal Engagement Strategy

North West Local Land Services would like to acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land and pay respect to Elders' past, present, and future. We also recognise the unique, diverse, and enduring cultures of Aboriginal peoples and communities in NSW.

Obligations to care for Country remain integral to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander lore, identity, culture, and social and emotional well-being. How traditional lands are being managed is of great interest to First Nations communities and Local Land Services understands that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have a significant contribution to make concerning land management in the region.

First Nations peoples hold special knowledge and rights regarding the management of land and its resources. Aboriginal people occupied all areas of NSW with evidence including campsites, scarred and carved trees, rock shelters, grinding grooves, rock art, and ceremonial and burial areas present across all landscapes.

Cultural values across NSW may also relate to natural resources such as native bush medicines, foods and tradeable goods including ochre and stone suitable for tool making. Song-lines, storylines and intellectual property about traditional knowledge are also acknowledged. NSW holds many Aboriginal cultural heritage values, and the preservation and management of these values are best determined by the Traditional Custodians of Country.

North West Local Land Services will continue to build strong relationships with First Nations communities, seek to understand their aspirations and ensure that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have a voice to provide input into land management issues and in particular the management of cultural values.

This strategy is designed to provide an action-oriented approach for North West Local Land Services to enrich relationships, create opportunities and enhance respect for Aboriginal peoples and communities.

You can find the strategy here.

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