No idea about deer?

Deer are encroaching across the North West region and we are hearing reports of high populations. The danger with deer is that they can be living and building populations almost undetected in the landscape before they become noticed. Once you do start to notice them, the numbers are significantly higher and with control methods limited to shooting, managing the population becomes more challenging.

Accurate identification of deer species is key. Within the North West Local Land Services region, there are three species with established populations, Red, Fallow and Chital. Sambar and Rusa deer are listed as alert species, which means there are no established populations within our region, and we certainly do not want them to establish. Local Land Services has developed a Deer Identification guide to help you learn how to identify deer in your area. Download a copy from our website or pick up a hard copy from one of our offices.

As a priority pest species, it is illegal to transport, keep or release these animals under the Biosecurity Act 2015.

If you are having issues with deer on your property, contact a Local Land Services Biosecurity Officer. Contact details are available here.

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