Record sightings of pest animals in FeralScan

Introduced pest animals such as deer, pigs, wild dogs, cane toads, and red-eared slider turtles represent a serious threat throughout our region. They significantly impact agriculture, biodiversity, and human health. Working together is critical to ensure detection and effective management of these and other pest species.

You can help by recording sightings of pest animals in your local area into FeralScan via

FeralScan is a free resource for the community. It can be used to record sightings, impacts, and even control activities undertaken to reduce pest problems.

We are encouraging the community to record sightings or impacts from pest animals into FeralScan to help guide future management programs. Information you record will be managed securely and is shared with local Biosecurity Officers who specialise in pest management.

FeralScan consists of a website and mobile App - To download and start using the mobile App, please visit the website -

For further assistance, email or phone the FeralScan Coordinator on (mob) 0407 622 191.

Feral Scan

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