New Vital North Coast Weed Book is Here

Identifying and controlling weeds just got easier with the highly-anticipated release of the "Weeds of the North Coast of NSW: a guide to identification and control" book.

The new edition is a collaboration between North Coast Local Land Services and Coffs Harbour Regional Landcare. Farmers, landholders, and professionals will now have access to the most comprehensive list of weeds currently presenting a Biosecurity threat, as well as emerging threats to industry and natural environments of the region.

Now in line with the North Coast Regional Strategic Weed Management Plan 2017-2022

(RSWMP), the updated and expanded book is an engaging, informative and vital resource,

featuring large colourful pictures, a colour-coded system and detailed descriptions.

The "invaluable field guide and educational tool" will show users how to identify priority weeds, methods of control and how to understand their responsibilities under the Biosecurity Act.

The new book provides information on which weeds need to be reported, eradicated and

contained. It further highlights weeds common in the North Coast region and other plants that weeds could be confused with.

The previous editions of the guide have been described as one of the most influential guides for the North Coast region.

North Coast Local Land Services Regional Weed Coordinator, Kylie van der Kolk said it was each person's responsibility to control, report and prevent the spread of weeds and this vital resource would aid this process.

"The book also includes details about weed toxicity, plants that should not be sold, and some of the common species that impact agriculture and the environment," Ms van der Kolk said.

Coffs Harbour Regional Landcare President Barry Powell acknowledges the original author and researcher, the late Pia Dollmann, for her contribution to the new Weeds of the North Coast of NSW book. "The resource is based on the original Landcare book, written and developed by Pia Dollmann," Mr Powell said. "Pia's work has made significant contributions to the conservation of the North Coast region."

Mr Powell said the original resource has proved to be an invaluable field guide and educational tool for Landcare networks, NPWS and Local Councils within the North Coast – "This resource will not only assist in protecting the biodiversity in the Coffs Harbour area but also have reaching benefits for the entire North Coast region. Landcarers, landholders and professionals alike will all find benefits from this book."

He further thanked the North Coast Regional Weed Committee for its contribution to the new book. "The new book will also build capacity and remove barriers to land management," he said.

The Weeds of the North Coast of NSW: a guide to identification and control book is driven by user feedback and is funded through the Environmental Trust Every Bit Counts project, NSW

Department of Primary Industries Weeds Action Program and the Coffs Harbour City Council's Environmental Levy.

Contact your local Council Weed Officer or local Landcare network for free copies of the book.

The book is available for immediate download at

Book Cover Image

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