Local Land Services Rates


Over the last three years the NSW Government waived Local Land Services rates as part of its nearly $4 billion drought and water security support package to help primary producers through the state’s worst drought on record. With widespread improvements in seasonal conditions across the state, rates will be reintroduced in 2022.

Rates collected across the state from landholders, contribute less than 20% of Local Land Services operating budget, and 100% of the rates collected are returned to our customers through our services and support. Under the Local Land Services Act 2013, we must charge rates on all land classified as rateable land under the Act. This is generally land 10 hectares or more in size (40 hectares in the Western Region and 20 hectares in some parts of Murray and Riverina Regions). Our rates are different to council rates charged under the Local Government Act 1993.

Rates contribute to our biosecurity, animal health and emergency management work which helps us, help you when you need it most. Even though you may not have livestock, your property will have benefited from our services including our coordinated pest and weed control programs. We funded four Local Control Authorities to survey and treat high-risk pathways for Tropical Soda Apple (TSA). The five-year program is being carried out over 290kms of waterways and hard to access areas and is currently in its fourth year.

We understand the last few years have been particularly challenging for some. As the drought eased, much of NSW faced devastating bushfires, followed by flooding, whilst other regions have been impacted by plant and animal pests including mice and plague locust. This has meant the role of Local Land Services has become all the more important.

Pillar Valley Landholders Tavis & Jenny Oceans said "We had an exceptional experience with the North Coast Local Land Services team this week in catching and re-homing wild horses on our property at Pillar Valley. Tiffany Felton and her team were quick to respond and super-efficient in setting us up with good advice, food and traps. After just 24 hours her team had captured the 3 mares we had in our yard and organised them onto a truck transported safely to the New England Brumby Sanctuary. It was an excellent outcome for the environment, the horses and for us as it all went very smoothly."

Your rates notice will arrive in January, before then we encourage you to visit our dedicated rates portal to learn more about our rating process and the value you receive from the work we do – www.lls.nsw.gov.au/rates/

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