Healthy Coastal Soils Grant Success

North Coast Local Land Services, along with other coastal Local Land Services regions in NSW, were recently successful in securing a Smart Farms Grant for soils extension activities.

Local Land Services will deliver individual advice, group workshops and field days, video’s and podcasts aimed at improving farmers confidence in making good management decisions based on soil test results. Participating farmers will receive two free soils tests along with interpretation of their results and assistance to work out what actions can be taken to improve soils on their property.

The objective of the Smart Farms Grant is to deliver actions from the National Soil Strategy. Participating farmers will be submitting their soil test results to National Soils Databases, improving our national knowledge about agricultural soils. There will likely be more than 500 participating farmers and 1,000 soil test results submitted to National Soils Databases over the duration of the project.

The project begins in early 2022 and will run for two years. The Smart Farms Soils Extension Activities Grant is an initiative under the National Landcare Program.

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