Get to know our Ag Team

Our Sustainable Ag team are responsible for increasing on-farm productivity, sustainability and resilience to climate variability and enhancing the condition of natural assets.

They deliver education and capacity building programs to Local Land Services customers that focus on:

  • building farm productivity and sustainability through improved land management strategies and enhanced production processes to align with customer and market expectations.
  • supporting customers to be better prepared to manage risks associated with climate variability and major disruptor events.
  • supporting customers to respond to major events including drought, fire and flood.

They develop strategic partnerships to address industry-scale issues, such as with key research and development organisations.

Their aims are:

  • Our customers’ farm productivity and sustainability are increased, natural assets are enhanced, and production processes are improved.
  • Producers and agri-businesses are better prepared for climate variability and better manage and recover from major business disruptor events.
  • Strategic partnerships are driving solutions to industry-scale issues and deliver services that lead to the adoption of innovation.

In 2020/21 our staff:

  • Delivered a best practice grazing course to 15 graziers in the Kempsey region to assist them to recover from drought and improve their productivity and sustainability.
  • Talked to more than 1,000 landholders, providing them with tailored advice for improving their productivity and sustainability.
  • Delivered 21 in-person events, five webinars, seven You Tube videos and five podcasts received by more than 6,000 people.
  • Since 2019 we have delivered programs to berry and vegetable growers worth $572,500 to improve irrigation efficiency and reduce erosion.
  • In 2019/20 we delivered more than 80 grants to macadamia growers worth $594,000 to reduce the loss of soil from their property and improve production.

The North Coast Sustainable Ag Team comprises six staff members – Team Leader, Emmaline Froggatt and five staff in three locations:


  • Senior Land Services Officer Nathan Jennings

Coffs Harbour

  • Senior Land Services Officer Julie Dart
  • Land Services Officer Donna Cuthel
  • Senior Land Services Officer Lelia Kamphorst


  • Land Services Officer Alix Johnston

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