Are you Flood Ready?

By now you’ve likely seen the outlook for spring - a wetter than average season is likely across our region. With many catchments and streams still full due to consistent rain and flooding over the year, the risk of further flooding is high.

As a rural property owner or manager, you may have experienced many floods. If nothing else, this year’s experiences have reminded us that floods can be larger and behave differently to those you may have experienced in the past.

While damage to crops and fences is usually unavoidable, a flood action plan can help you be prepared to reduce the impact on livestock, irrigation equipment, houses and sheds.

The plan should include an evacuation plan and a flood preparation checklist. You should also consider how you are going to access feed for your stock.

Even if your property is not directly affected by flooding, you or your stock may become isolated for long periods. Availability of food and clean drinking water is as important to you as it is to your animals, and planning ahead is the best way to ensure their welfare.

Why do you need a flood plan?

  • You are not guaranteed financial or farm assistance when floods occur.
  • You need to know what to do and when to do it to reduce damage and losses.
  • Every flood is different. You need to plan for all risks and possible impacts.
  • If you are prepared you will recover much faster and be able to get back to business.
  • It is cheaper to plan ahead and be prepared than pay the costs of repairs or lose income and production time.
  • Can you afford not to have a flood plan?

Download a copy of our Farm Flood Readiness Kit and start planning for the next flood today.

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