Join in the autumn bird count!


By Susanne Watkins
Senior Land Services Officer

P: 02 6051 2234 | E:

Backyard bird count graphic - birds in treesBirds in Backyards is encouraging people to participate in their backyard bird count throughout this autumn to help them understand our local birds and gain an insight into their daily lives.

To participate in the survey, simply observe and count birds for 20 minutes in your backyard, local park or school and enter the data into the birdata app or portal. You can do as many surveys as you like, and common birds in your area are listed to help you identify the birds you see. Information about breeding behaviour, aggressive behaviour or any other noteworthy observations can also be captured on the survey form.

Don’t see many birds in your backyard? Don’t worry, information about common and invasive birds is just as important as less common species.

Instructions on how to carry out a survey can be found here, and information is collected via the birdata app downloaded onto your phone or tablet, or the birdata web portal on your PC. For video instructions on how to capture data, click this link.

Survey information is used by BirdLife Australia and the Birds in Backyards Urban Bird team to improve their understanding of bird species distributions, how birds are using the landscape and what kinds of gardens attract birds. For more information, visit the Birds in Backyards website.

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