How to avoid fines for native vegetation clearing


By Marissa Ellis
Regional Services Officer

P: 02 6051 2218 | M: 0457 733 484 | E:

Do you understand the laws around clearing or managing native vegetation on your property?

Before undertaking any native vegetation management, including clearing on your property, it is important to check if approval is required.

Clearing vegetation without the right approvals can lead to prosecution. The Department of Planning and Environment uses satellite imagery to remotely detect changes in vegetation and can detect the removal of a single tree and even pinpoint the exact day it was felled!

The good news is LLS can offer free support and advice to landholders about the management of native vegetation and what approvals are required.

If your council has advised that development approval is not required, your land is rural zoned or your land has two different land zonings, come talk to us about your proposal.

LLS can offer advice on your native vegetation clearance and management options and can ensure you get the right permits, so you don’t get fined.

If you’re concerned illegal clearing of Native Vegetation has occurred, you can contact your local council or Environment Line on 131 555.

Want a free and informal chat about your native vegetation management options? Contact LLS Regional Services Officer Marissa Ellis on 0457 733 484 or email

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