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Tara Pitman, Regional Weeds CoordinatorPRODUCTION ADVICE - NOVEMBER 2021 - INVASIVE SPECIES / WEEDS

By Tara Pitman
Regional Weeds Coordinator

P: 02 6051 2250 | M: 0448 390 288 | E: tara.pitman@lls.nsw.gov.au

Field of Paterson's curse weed - a mass of purple flowersPaterson’s curse (Echium plantagineum), also known as Salvation Jane, can currently be seen growing across the landscape with its distinctive purple flower.

As you may know, there is a range of control methods for weeds, including mechanical removal, chemical, cultural and/or biological control approaches.  But did you know that Paterson’s curse is one weed species that has biological control as an option?  It is one of 50 weed species covered in the recently released Biological Control of Weeds Guide.  The guide contains information on:

  • weeds and their background.
  • how to identify biocontrol agents (the weed’s natural enemies) and their potential impact on the weed.
  • how to source biocontrol agents.
  • how to redistribute these agents.
  • how to monitor establishment and dispersal of such agents.

The guide outlines biocontrol steps as simple as collecting the Paterson’s curse flea beetle from established sites with a sweep net and releasing them directly onto healthy plants. Biocontrol is a technology that has proven to be environmentally friendly, self-sustaining, and cost-effective.  The guide has been developed to assist those interested in using and maximising the benefits of weed biocontrol as part of their weed management plans in south-east Australia.

To find out more, click here to download an electronic copy of the Biological Control of Weeds Guide, or contact Tara Pitman (Regional Weeds Coordinator) on 0448 390 288 or tara.pitman@lls.nsw.gov.au to request a hard copy.Front cover of Biocontrol of Weeds Guide

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