Enhancing farm dams


By Susanne Watkins            
Senior Land Services Officer P: 02 6051 2234| E: susanne.watkins@lls.nsw.gov.au

Farm Dam

Did you know that your farm dam has the potential to become a haven for wildlife while improving on-farm production?

Enhancing a farm dam can involve setting up fences, installing a hardened access point for stock and planting vegetation, and the benefits are highlighted in a recent video produced by Murray LLS, Holbrook Landcare Network and ANU Sustainable Farms.

Table Top landholder Marcus Richardson explains in the video his motivation for enhancing his farm dams, including the production benefits as well as the biodiversity benefits, and gives an overview of his approach. Farm dams have the potential to play an important role in improving biodiversity in the landscape, while at the same time providing landholders with better quality water for stock.

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