Controlling weeds at Little Forest Creek


By Jamie Hearn
Senior Land Services Officer

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Little Forest Creek

Located just east of Barham, the 290 ha Little Forest is part of the Koondrook-Perricoota forest and Central Murray Ramsar site. Little Forest Creek is separated from the main forest and surrounded by private property.

Local landholders were keen to see the return of water to the site that had been cut off from natural flows for many years. After enlisting the help of the Western Murray Land Improvement Group, Traditional Owners, Forestry Corporation, Murray LLS and the Commonwealth Environmental Water Office, a watering event was recently conducted at the site. The watering event covered approximately 80 ha of previously dry creeks and wetlands.

Landholders also identified the control of woody weeds as a priority. Through the Murray LLS Ramsar project, the Murray River Council was engaged to undertake the weed control work. The Council targeted Sweet Briar and Blackberry in and around the wetland and open forest areas using a foliar spray.

Both these woody weeds are highly invasive and impact the health of the wetland and waterways. For more information on the weed control works, please contact the Murray River Council on 1300 087 004.

After just one watering event, the response from the native vegetation and aquatic species has been amazing. The flourishing aquatic vegetation has generated great enthusiasm from the landholders involved and encouraged further investment in the site.

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