Wild Dog Control Program


By Stephen Wilson, Senior Biosecurity Officer
P:  02 6051 2215  | M:  0427 362 618  | E:  stephen.wilson@lls.nsw.gov.au

This year’s autumn wild dog aerial baiting program saw over 12,800 meat baits dropped over three wild dog plan areas within the eastern part of the Murray region.

Staff from Forestry Corporation NSW and National Parks & Wildlife Service assisted Local Land Services during the four-day operation.  It is the seventh consecutive year such a program has been undertaken and is playing a pivotal role in reducing the impact wild dogs and foxes are having on stock & native fauna numbers.

Several State Forests, Nature Reserves, National Parks and private properties were targeted during the program.

In order to complement the aerial baiting, Local Land Services is encouraging all landholders impacted by wild dogs to take part in a ground baiting program that commences on Tuesday 28 June. Any landholder wanting to collect baits from designated collection points needs to contact Stephen Wilson on 0427 362 618 and place their order by cob Thursday 23 June.

Fact:  The wet weight of boneless red meat used for wild dog baits is approximately 250grams.

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