Land Management Incentives Program

A range of targeted Land Management Incentive programs are available throughout the Hunter region.

Funding may be available for eligible landholders, community groups and Aboriginal land managers (such as LALCs) to implement on ground projects to develop natural resource management projects on private land (or on public and private lands through partnership proposals). Funding is only available within the Hunter Local Land Services Region.

View the Priority Incentives interactive map to find out more about the following programs:

  • 4 Valleys Program - Hunter Water Catchments - Paterson, Allyn, Williams , Chichester (Lower Hunter)
  • Riverbank Vegetation Improvement (Mid Coast Riparian Incentives)
  • Bringing Back the Regent Honeyeater (Lower and Upper Hunter)
  • In Good Hands: Farmers and Landcare Protecting Box Gum Grassy Woodlands (Upper Hunter)
  • Weed Action to Protect Box Gum Grassy Woodlands (Upper Hunter)
  • Halls Creek Catchment Improvement Project (CURRENTLY CLOSED)
  • Improving Priority Habitats for Koalas (Mid Coast)
  • Bushfire Wildlife Recovery (Lower Hunter, Mid Coast)
  • Riverbank Vegetation Improvement (Hunter Valley Riparian Incentives)
  • Estuary Program (Lower Hunter)

How to apply for Land Management Incentive funding

  1. Locate your property on the map and see what incentives programs may align to your individual land management needs and property location.
  2. Submit an Expression of Interest to receive initial Local Land Services expert advice, and be considered for any suitable incentives programs in your area.
  3. Get support to develop your project, and find out how submit a funding application for consideration.
  4. Submit your funding application.

Incentives Priority Location Map

To view an interactive map outlining our priority locations and actions that may be eligible for incentive funding please follow this link. The map is best viewed on computer and may take a moment to load.

Interactive Priority Incentives Map 

This Interactive Priority Incentives Map also contains more information on the list of funding programs that are available across parts of the Hunter Local Land Services Region.

Submit an Expression of Interest

To receive initial advice from our regional extension and advisory staff and determine if your project is eligible for incentive funding, we invite individuals or groups to submit an Expression of Interest. Our EOI process supports targeted applicants to develop their funding application.

Expressions of Interest (EOI) will be reviewed as they are received and allocated to the most appropriate Local Land Services extension and advisory staff.

Your Hunter LLS staff allocated to your EOI will either:

  1. Provide initial information and advice, upcoming training opportunities, or refer you to other suitable contacts relevant to your request,
  2. Provide information and arrange a visit to your property and provide specific property based advice in the form of a “Property Site Visit Report”,
  3. After a property visit, the staff may recommend (and provide support such as property maps, planning and advice) to develop a project and assist to submit an incentive application for consideration, if your priorities and location aligns with any of our priority Incentives Programs

Complete the online Expression of Interest Form (preferred option).

Or download, print and complete the hard copy Expression of Interest Form.

If you need help submitting your EOI, contact Sue Rowland 0428 647 057(Lower Hunter, Upper Hunter) or Abbey Henry 0487 560 109 (Mid Coast)

You must submit an EOI and receive LLS advisory services to be considered for any funding opportunities under these programs.

Get support for your funding application

Our advisory service supports targeted applicants to understand how we manage, assess and fund successful grantees.

Our main advisory services related to funding opportunities include:

  • Improving riverbank vegetation
  • Restoration and enhancement of native vegetation
  • Habitat improvement and conservation actions for native fauna
  • Grazing or on-farm practices and sustainable farm practices.

Contact us for more information:

Contact us for more information on our grants programs

Call us for any assistance or land management advice on 1300 795 299, whether it’s related to funding opportunities or general enquiries.

Funding Application Process 2022-2023

Based on your Expression of Interest and subsequent property assessment, if your property and land management issues or needs align with our Priority Incentives Program, we may invite you to submit an application to our funding programs. Local Land Services staff will assist you with project development, developing a project map and other support. In general projects can range between $10,000-50,000 (see guidelines on limits to funding).

Landholders suitable to apply for funding will be provided with:

  • Land Management Incentives Guidelines
  • Healthy Landscape Incentives Application Form
  • Fact sheet on GST implications
  • Other supporting documentation, such as property specific revegetation or riparian management plan, maps or advisory reports

Applications can be submitted at any time, but will be assessed on the following dates:

Incentives Round


Closing Date

Estimated Assessment Dates

Notification of Outcome

Round 21


28 November 2022

8 December

Within 2 weeks

Round 22


13 February 2023

23 February

Within 2 weeks

Round 23


10 April 2023

20 April

Within 2 weeks

Round 24


12 June 2023

22 June

Within 2 weeks

Assessment and Contracting Processes

  • Assessment is made by Team Leader and Business Team representatives using a Benefit Cost Tool (identifying risk, project complexity, legacy and long term multiple environmental outcomes, value for money, capacity to deliver/risk of failure, technical feasibility, significance of asset, connectivity and downstream benefits, soil benefits, biodiversity benefits and alignment to LLS advisory reports). External panellists may also be involved in selection as needed.
  • Applications are assessed on their own merit and meeting standards for environmental outcomes, and alignment to the investment and program priorities, and are not comparatively assessed (scoring is ranked, and allows for selection against available funding where funding is limited/exhausted).
  • Applications are either recommended for funding through the panel, recommended with variations, or not recommended.
  • Applications are approved for funding by the Healthy Landscapes Manager/General Manager.
  • All successful applicants will be required to sign a Land Management Deed (complex or high cost projects) or simple Funding Letter of Offer (simple low cost projects), and implementation of project within an approved time frame (such as 12-24 months), submit progress or final reporting and monitoring, and agree to a 5 year or other appropriate maintenance period.

Note: All successful grantees will be published on our web site or the NSW Grants and Funding page including name/business name, project location (general eg Town) and funding amount.

Standard Eligibility

  • Project is within the Hunter LLS region and in a priority program area
  • Minimum landholder cash/labour contribution (duration of project, including maintenance)- variable across investor programs
  • No outstanding projects with LLS
  • Submitted an EOI to Hunter LLS
  • Paid all rates to date, no conflicts of interest
  • Project is not double funded through other funding sources/duplicates existing on title obligations
  • Is the landowner, or has permission from the landowner

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