Wyoming is a mixed enterprise in far north-west of NSW and has been farmed since the 1960s. It is owned by a German family who have farming interests in Australia.

Currently Wyoming is 60% cattle grazing and 40% cropping, but a farm plan has been developed to reorganise the property to improve profitability and environmental outcomes that will see it 50-50 grazing to cropping.

Using the Farm Plan section of the Land Management Code, areas that were unsuitable for cropping will be taken out of production and revegetated while new areas will be opened up.

The plan will create linkages of native vegetation through the landscape for wildlife corridors and also link the grazing areas and cropping areas to enable a more easy, sensible and sustainable use of the property.

“With changes in farming practices with larger wider machinery we were aware that there were areas that could have been cropped that weren’t being cropped and areas that weren’t being cropped that probably should have been grazed;  they were rocky. So we were looking at reorganising the property to allow the best output for the property. Also we had concerns about the environment, it’s a sensitive environment area.”

- Don McRae, Director, Wyoming

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