New Aboriginal ranger partnership developed for Tamworth community

A new partnership recently formalised between North West Local Land Services and the Tamworth Local Aboriginal Land Council is set to enhance local Aboriginal ranger programs, and improve access to Travelling Stock Reserves for the Tamworth Aboriginal community.

The partnership will facilitate knowledge sharing between the two local Aboriginal Ranger programs, with the rangers working together to carry out cultural land management practices on Travelling Stock Reserves in the Tamworth region.

The Walaaybaa Aboriginal Ranger Project delivered by the Tamworth Local Aboriginal Land Council, which has been running since February 2023, closely complements the Local Land Services Aboriginal Ranger Program which provides training and on the job experience for Aboriginal people in the Tamworth region. The programs are designed to promote and conserve the regions natural environment, identify and protect cultural heritage sites, enhance Aboriginal people’s understanding of and connection to Country and provide meaningful career opportunities.

Colin Formann, Team Leader Strategy and Partnerships at North West Local Land Services said that the partnership is a great initiative that will result in improved outcomes for the cultural management of the Travelling Stock Reserves in the Tamworth region.

“With such similar program objectives, it makes sense to share our knowledge and assist each other to resource activities locally”, he said.

Activities undertaken by Aboriginal Rangers include protecting conservation areas and cultural heritage sites, reducing illegal dumping of rubbish, creating areas for traditional men and women’s business, managing pest and weed species on travelling stock reserves, implementing cultural burns and working with local land holders and a variety of project partners.

Sam Des Forges, Operations Manager Walaaybaa Aboriginal Rangers said that the collaborative approach to cultural and environmental conservation leads to lasting outcomes, connections and shared success. “We’ve worked with LLS across a number of successful regionally significant projects including Rocky Waterhole, Borah Crossing and Bective Reserve Cultural Burns, and associated revegetation projects”.

The Tamworth Local Aboriginal Land Council have been contracted by the National Indigenous Australians Agency to deliver the project in the Tamworth region.

The Walaaybaa Aboriginal Ranger Project is funded federally until 2028 through the National Indigenous Australians Agencies Aboriginal Ranger Program. The long-term goal is generating a sustainable income stream through partnerships and fee for service arrangements. This will ensure self-determination and lasting employment opportunity well into the future.

Learn more about our Aboriginal Ranger Program on our website.

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