Two states join forces for koala protection

Koala protection on the eastern seaboard is benefiting from cross-border collaboration.

Koala experts from two NSW and South East Queensland organisations have been exchanging insights on habitat restoration, weed control, vegetation types, detection dogs and landholder engagement.

This May, the NSW North Coast Local Land Services (North Coast LLS) koala team travelled to Flinders Peak, south of Ipswich, where the South East Queensland-based Healthy Land & Water team showcased their work.

The two-state partnership has operated for four years, when two major koala conservation projects on either side of the border received funding from the Australian Government.

The tour given by Healthy Land & Water koala experts Dennis Gannaway and Tom Lally gave North Coast LLS staff an inside look at how common issues are being tackled.

North Coast LLS Land Services Officer, Asheley Goodwill said: “It was beautiful showcase of scenery, quite different to the wet sclerophyll forests between Coffs Harbour and Port Macquarie where our project takes place.”

Despite operating in distinct landscapes, the two groups discovered similarities as well as contrasts.

Both faced challenges such as natural disasters, including widespread flooding and the COVID-19 pandemic. “We also discovered that a collaborative community of landholders is the backbone of successful capacity building,” Ms Goodwill said.

Tom Lally of Healthy Land & Water said while landscapes, communities and challenges have differed, the path to success has been the same, making the collaboration invaluable.

“We have both focussed on joining forces with passionate landholders who share our deep desire to witness koalas thrive on their properties," Mr Lally said.

Ms Goodwill added: "Seeing landholders actively participating in the projects and witnessing their genuine excitement and appreciation for habitat restoration truly makes every effort worthwhile."

Looking ahead, the groups said they both share excitement at continuing their collaboration with the Australian Government to secure critical investment for koala conservation in their regions.

These projects were funded by the Australian Government.

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