Riparian rehabilitation along the Richmond River at Coraki

As part of the Fisheries Habitat Restoration Program, North Coast Local Land Services in partnership with Ozfish Unlimited have protected 2.8 hectares and 500 metres of riverbank along the Richmond River at Coraki from stock through fencing.

The project has also revegetated 200 metres of riverbank strip that is known Koala habitat with a mix of native trees, shrubs and grass species with help from the local Richmond River OzFish chapter.

The Richmond River at Coraki supports brackish fish species such as mullet and bream, in addition to being a popular fishing spot for Australian bass. However, de-snagging, land use practices, and riparian clearing have degraded fish habitat, which was compounded during the 2022 flooding disaster.

Genevieve Maley, Land Services Officer with North Coast Local Land Services said managing the area for the exclusion of livestock and improved riparian vegetation will result in better bank stability and ability to withstand wave, flooding, and other erosion processes.

“The re-establishment of native riparian species will provide immediate water quality benefits, in addition to bug fall, temperature regulation, and future snags, contributing to the health and functioning of coastal and estuarine habitats for the benefit of fisheries and local recreational fishers,” Genevieve said.

Outcomes of this project include:

  • Providing habitat and shelter for fish
  • Improving water quality through riparian buffer plantings
  • Increasing bank stability and lowering the risk of erosion by excluding cattle from creekbanks
  • Providing a riparian corridor for species biodiversity surrounded by farmland.

Ryan Lungu, Program Manager at OzFish Unlimited said it was exciting for the Richmond River OzFish Chapter to be involved in providing much-needed additional habitat for native fish along the Richmond River.

This project is part of the Fisheries Habitat Restoration Program in which North Coast Local Land Services will deliver five projects to restore the health and functionality of fisheries habitats across the region.

Find out more about this Natural Resources Management project.

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