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Annual land and stock returns

Each year landholders complete an Annual Return of Land and Stock (Annual Land and Stock Return), providing Local Land Services with important information about their properties and livestock. If you are a Local Land Services ratepayer or have a Property Identification Code you are required by law to lodge a return by 31 August.

Lodging your annual land and stock returns

You can lodge your return online

The most efficient and effective method of lodging your return is online.

The online form asks the same questions as the paper-based form and takes only a few minutes to complete. There are three simple steps:

  1. Your holding reference number and unique online password are at the top right hand corner of the enclosed Annual Return of Land and Stock
  2. Log in
  3. Fill in your land and stock details

Why is it important to lodge?

Your property information helps build a state-wide biosecurity picture about agricultural use and livestock numbers.

All stock six months or older on the property as of June 30 should be counted, regardless of whether they belong to the landholder, are agisted or are on the property for any other reason.  Pigs of any age should be counted as well as flocks of 100 or more poultry.

Along with the stock identification and traceability systems we manage, this information is invaluable in the event of an emergency disease outbreak.

Effective animal biosecurity and welfare is insurance to maintain market access for livestock producers, now and in the future. Our produce is free of many of the pests and diseases found in other parts of the world.

That's why Local Land Services works with you to monitor herds and flocks and share up-to-date advice and information to increase productivity.

The due date for the Annual Land and Stock Return each year is 31 August.

It is important for you to complete an Annual Land and Stock Return even if you do not have stock. If you fail to lodge an Annual Land and Stock Return by the due date, an animal health rate and meat industry levy is automatically applied to your next year's rates notice.

It is also a legal requirement under the Local Land Services Act 2013 that landholders lodge an Annual Land and Stock Return.


Alternatively, you can post your completed Annual Land and Stock Return to:

Local Land Services
Locked Bag 6013
Orange NSW 2800

Change of details

To change your details, simply contact your nearest Local Land Services office or download the change of details form and return it to your nearest office.