Why do I pay rates?

Your rates help to fund our biosecurity, animal health and emergency work, which includes:

  • coordinating and supporting landholders to control pests and meet your legal obligations
  • our vets’ animal health programs
  • supporting agriculture and animals during emergencies
  • supporting stock identification systems.

Who pays Local Land Services rates?

Under the Local Land Services Act 2013, we may charge rates on all land classified as rateable land under the Act. This is generally land that is 10 hectares or more in size (40 hectares in the Western Region and 20 hectares in some parts of Murray and Riverina regions).

Why do Local Land Services charge rates?

The rates we charge are different to council rates charged under the Local Government Act 1993.

Council land zoning for your property, for example rural residential, has no bearing on the calculation of Local Land Services rates. Local Land Services rates help grow and protect NSW landscapes and agricultural industries.

Our rates allow us to contribute to the NSW State Government outcome of productive and sustainable land use which aims to enhance the use of the state's public and private land by supporting sustainability, use and productivity.

Where do my rates go

Rates contribute up to one fifth of Local Land Services budget, and 100% of rates collected are returned to you as customers through our services and support.

Your rates allow us to support you to meet your general biosecurity duty in controlling invasive pests and reducing weed spread.

Rates also help maintain vital market access for producers and are crucial to supporting our control programs when exotic animal or plant disease outbreaks happen, as well as other biosecurity threats to industry.

Frequently asked questions

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