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Management team

Erlina St Vincent    0458 944 614           erlina.stvincent@lls.nsw.gov.auGeneral ManagerBourke
Michelle Johnson0417 070 284michelle.johnson@lls.nsw.gov.auManager of Biosecurity and Emergency ServicesBroken Hill
Silvana Keating0427 661 264silvana.keating@lls.nsw.gov.auManager of Landscapes and AgricultureBuronga


Office is currently unattended. Contact 1300 795 299 or admin.western@lls.nsw.gov.au

Lee Camin0455 892 191Leeann.camin@dpi.nsw.gov.auBiosecurity Officer 
Ian Headon0437 654 362ian.headon@lls.nsw.gov.auBiosecurity Officer
Bree Hodson0427 540 481bree.hodgson@lls.nsw.gov.auBiosecurity Officer


Jennifer Azevedo0448 246 311Jennifer.azevedo@lls.nsw.gov.auTeam Leader - Natural Resource Management (Mon - Wed)
Gemma Turnbull(02) 6870 8600gemma.turnbull@lls.nsw.gov.auTeam Leader - Agriculture (Mon - Thur)
Mandy Rice(02) 6870 8626mandy.rice@lls.nsw.gov.auExecutive Assistant 
Guy Gibbs0461 305 093guy.gibbs@lls.nsw.gov.auSenior Land Services Officer - Aboriginal Communities
Annicka Brosnan0418 187 435annicka.brosnan@lls.nsw.gov.auBiosecurity Officer


Alana Coxhead0448 759 190alana.coxhead@lls.nsw.gov.auSenior Biosecurity Officer

Broken Hill

Craig Anderson0439 181 579craig.anderson@lls.nsw.gov.auLand Services Officer - Rangeland Rehabilitation
Grant Davis 0400 873 378grant.davis@lls.nsw.gov.auSenior Land Services Officer - Biosecurity
Brooke Anderson0436 475 814brooke.anderson@lls.nsw.gov.auRegional Pest Animal Coordinator
Kagen Pearce0438 382 868kagen.pearce@lls.nsw.gov.auEmergency Management Coordinator
Courtney Lallard0499 924 501courtney.lallard@lls.nsw.gov.auSenior Land Services Officer – Agriculture (acting)
Mandy McKay(08) 8088 9310mandy.mckay@lls.nsw.gov.au

Customer Service Officer

Cheryl Blore0447 897 465cheryl.blore@lls.nsw.gov.auLand Services Officer - Aboriginal Communities
Luke Nugent0417 496 541luke.nugent@lls.nsw.gov.auBiosecurity Support Officer
Brock Martin0417 415 436brock.martin@lls.nsw.gov.auBiosecurity Support Officer
Maz Hoelscher0429 928 574Maz.hoelscher@lls.nsw.gov.auGraduate Advisory and Extension Officer


Jacinta Knudsen0459 289 165jacinta.knudsen@lls.nsw.gov.auTeam Leader - Business Services
Kaye Gottschutzke0429 981 331kaye.gottschutzke@lls.nsw.gov.auSenior Land Services Officer – Communities
Kerryn Hart0437 034 935kerryn.hart@lls.nsw.gov.auSenior Land Services Officer - Travelling Stock Reserves Coordinator
Tanya Cooper0428 442 053tanya.cooper@lls.nsw.gov.auTeam Leader - Land Management
Wasantha Rajapaksha0429 073 440wasantha.rajapaksha@lls.nsw.gov.auSenior Land Services Officer - Land Management
Jacinta Cain0417 059 601jacinta.cain@lls.nsw.gov.auSenior Land Services Officer (Mon, Tues, Thur, Fri)
Jaison Cockroft0448 339 342jaison.cockroft@lls.nsw.gov.auSenior Land Services Officer - Land Management
Bec Ferry(03) 5021 9460bec.ferry@lls.nsw.gov.auCustomer Service Coordinator
Christine Plummer
0408 241 200
christine.plummer@lls.nsw.gov.auSustainable Agriculture Facilitator
Stephen Bastian0492 337 069stephen.bastian@lls.nsw.gov.auProject Coordinator (Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri)
Salman Quddus0475 365 240salman.quddus@lls.nsw.gov.auSenior Land Services Officer - Agriculture
Nathan Blight0461 411 914nathan.blight@lls.nsw.gov.auLand Services Officer - Land Management
Tayo Jimoh0456 424 261Tayo.jimoh@lls.nsw.gov.auGraduate Advisory and Extension Officer


Paul Theakston0428 259 231paul.theakston@lls.nsw.gov.auSenior Land Services Officer - Rangeland Rehabilitation
Brian Dohnt0455 901 258brian.dohnt@lls.nsw.gov.auSenior Land Services Officer
Georgie Chaplain(02) 6836 6003georgina.chaplain@lls.nsw.gov.auBusiness and Finance Officer
Casey Harrison04600 634 538casey.harrison@lls.nsw.gov.auLand Services Support Officer - Natural Resource Management
Mere Brands (02) 6836 6001meredith.brands@lls.nsw.gov.auAdministration Officer - Customer Service
Steven Deasy0460 744 223steven.deasy@lls.nsw.gov.auSenior Land Services Officer - Land Management
Kiara McKay0419 904 053kiara.mckay@lls.nsw.gov.auSenior Land Services Officer - Land Management
Kate Orange0447 824 782kate.orange@lls.nsw.gov.auBiosecurity Support Officer
Ron Finlay 0428 318 020ronald.finlay@lls.nsw.gov.auProject Coordinator — Kangaroos
Fiona Garland0467 731 824fiona.garland@lls.nsw.gov.auTeam Leader - Communities
Jazz Beddows0476 993 428Jazz.beddows@lls.nsw.gov.auGraduate Advisory and Extension Officer


Sophie HemleyExtended leave Team Leader Animal Biosecurity and Welfare
Andy McKinnon0428 671 370andy.mckinnon@lls.nsw.gov.auWestern Regional Weeds Coordinator
Andrea Cashmere0417 050 138andrea.cashmere@lls.nsw.gov.auSenior Land Services Officer – Natural Resource Management
Josh Clarke0499 537 311josh.clarke@lls.nsw.gov.auSenior Land Services Officer – Cultural Broker
Danielle Barrett0428 362 073danielle.barrett@lls.nsw.gov.auBiosecurity Officer
Brodie Downey (02) 6967 2880brodie.downey@lls.nsw.gov.auCustomer Support Officer
Joshus Cashmere(02) 6967 2880josh.cashmere@lls.nsw.gov.auCustomer Service Officer


Luke Blore0457 286 429luke.blore@lls.nsw.gov.auTeam Leader Biosecurity


Office is currently unattended. Contact our Broken Hill office via (08) 8088 9310 or admin.western@lls.nsw.gov.au


Lynda Watson0427 200 820lynda.watson@lls.nsw.gov.auBiosecurity Officer 
Sam Field0427 256 501sam.field@lls.nsw.gov.auSenior Land Services Officer - MERI
Mitchell Bysouth0427 829 758mitchell.bysouth@lls.nsw.gov.auBiosecurity Support Officer


Office is currently unattended. Contact our Broken Hill office via (08) 8088 9310 or admin.western@lls.nsw.gov.au


Kate Loughran kate.loughran@lls.nsw.gov.auSpatial Business Analyst (Mon-Thur)
Kieran Smith0448 727 977kieran.smith@lls.nsw.gov.auSenior Agriculture Advisor Goats
Tina Bessiris0411 365 954tina.bessiris@lls.nsw.gov.auProject Coordinator (Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri) 
Kerry Wood (02) 6836 6002kerry.wood@lls.nsw.gov.auAdministration Officer (Mon - Thurs)
Charlie Whiteley0428 679 974charlie.whiteley@lls.nsw.gov.auCommunications Advisor
Lou Baskind0407 074 337lou.baskind@lls.nsw.gov.auTeam Leader – Animal Biosecurity and Welfare (acting) (Thur)

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