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Nominate a mate for the Seeds for Success podcast

For two years the Seeds for Success podcast has been uncovering the reality of ag life in New South Wales, delving into the triumphs and pitfalls of farming across the state.

But even with 77 episodes in their back catalogue, the Central West Local Land Services team, who are behind the podcast’s release, say they have only scratched the surface of the challenges and opportunities that are facing landowners.

“We have had so much great feedback about the podcast including people contacting us with suggestions of people or topics they would like us to cover,” said Neroli Brennan, Central West Local Land Services General Manager.

“So we are opening it up and calling on people to nominate themselves or someone in their region or from anywhere across the state who they think has a really valuable story to share, and we will work to get them on the podcast for an upcoming episode.”

Guests on the podcast have included generational family farmers to career-changers, covering topics from drought to flood, agronomy to livestock selection, sheep shearing to pest control.

The environment, social media, corporate farming and business building have also been topics of discussion, with the podcast providing an opportunity for listeners to hear about new innovations as well as tried and tested processes for successful production.

To ‘nominate a mate’, people can submit a suggestion on the Central West Local Land Services website.

“Whether you are a farmer, a landowner, or anyone with an interest in the ag world, sharing ideas and ways of working is part of life,” said Ms Brennan.

“Often that can happen over the fence or down at the pub, but the podcast gives us a chance to share those discussions even wider.

“It’s all about hearing from people who are living and working on the land every day - to have all those insights right in your pocket is invaluable.”

Speaking on one of our latest episodes of the podcast is Agronomist and Operations Manager for AAM group’s Sunshine Farms Greg Wynne, who has held various positions over his near 20-year career.

In the two-part episode, Greg discusses his beginnings in the ag world, working with different soils and pastures and how he lived out a lifelong dream to run a farm.

“Through guests like Greg we have been able to really delve into issues and challenges and discuss them at length, but with all our guests we also just have a good chat and a few laughs along the way,” said Ms Brennan.

“We have covered so many topics with so many of our local farmers since the podcast began, and that information is evergreen, it applies just as much today as it did when we recorded it, so we encourage everyone who hasn’t yet listened to go back through past episodes.

The Seeds for Success podcast episode with Greg Wynn is available now on Apple Itunes, Spotify and Google Podcasts or by searching for ‘Seeds for Success podcast’.

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