‘Getting Back to Basics’ Workshops – Soils, Pastures, and Farm Business Management (various locations)

The Murray Local Land Services Sustainable Agriculture Team is hosting a series of workshops throughout May and June across the region.

These half and full- day workshops will refresh, or reboot, your knowledge and understanding of:

Our Presenters

A range of quality presenters will help participants in their understanding of issues related to the unique geographical and climatic divisions across the Murray LLS region.

Speakers include:

  • Jim Shovelton – pastures management, animal nutrition. Jim will present at workshops at Rosewood and Culcairn
  • Sue Briggs –soils, objectives and benefits behind soil sampling and its implications
  • Phil Graham –grazing and pasture management. Phil will be presenting in Koraleigh and Wanganella sessions.
  • Paul Blackshaw - farm business consultant with Meridian Agriculture.


The workshops are being held across the Murray region at the following locations:

  • Moulamein
  • Bunnaloo
  • Koraleigh
  • Booroorban
  • Oaklands
  • Holbrook
  • Culcairn
  • Tumbarumba
  • Rosewood.

Grazing & Animal Nutrition Workshops

Are you interested in learning more about pastures and grazing management in your area. Assessing feed available and animal nutrition requirements.

Join us and guest presenters Phil Graham (Koraleigh/ Booroorban) and Jim Shovelton (Culcairn/ Rosewood) for sessions covering:

  • Assessment of available pasture & quality
  • Animal nutrition and feed budgeting- (stocking rate, feed available, requirements)
  • Grazing systems and matching suitability to your operation.

These sessions will be delivered by technical experts in the field and are offered to producers free of charge. Additional sessions covering Soils, Pasture Selection and Farm Business Essentials are also being offered at locations across the region.

Where and when

  • Koraleigh: 23 May 2023, 12.30pm (lunch catered)
  • Booroorban: 24 May 2023, 8.00am (breakfast catered)
  • Culcairn: 31 May 2023, 10am (lunch catered)
  • Rosewood: 1 June 2023 10am (lunch catered)

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To find out more about these events contact Rebecca Stacey, Senior Land Services Officer- Mixed Farming (rebecca.stacey@lls.nsw.gov.au or 0436 342 086).

Soil Sampling, Pasture Establishment & Production

How’s your pasture establishment? Are you utilising soil moisture probes and networks?

Join us for barbecue breakfast or lunch and guest presenters for sessions across the region in Rosewood, Culcairn, Bunnaloo and Koraleigh.
Our expert presenters will cover:

  • Best practice soil sampling, plant growth constraints to monitor in your area
  • Pasture species selection & considerations, post-establishment management and pasture production
  • Farming Forecaster and soil moisture probes – uses and opportunities

Where and When

  • Bunnaloo: 9th May 2023, 8:00am
  • Rosewood: 11th May 2023, 12:30pm
  • Culcairn: 12th May 2023, 8:00am
  • Koraleigh: 16th June 2023, 12:30pm

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Registration is essential: Register using our online form.

To find out more about these events contact Kimberley Beer, Senior Land Services Officer – Mixed Farming (Kimberley.beer@lls.nsw.gov.au or 0439 531 306)

Farm Business Management Basics – an introduction

Farm Business Management is an essential part of any farm business. However, getting your head around some of the key concepts is often confusing, especially if you’re new to farming, or in need of a refresher.

These one-day workshops will help participants develop a greater and clearer understanding of some basic principles of Farm Business Management. It will also develop skills to help manage the farm business now, as well as planning for the business into the future.

Participants will be provided with a range of take-home tools and have the time to begin to apply them to their own business.

Our presenter and topics covered

Paul Blackshaw is a farm business consultant with Meridian Agriculture in North East Victoria. Paul provides farm financial analysis, benchmarking, business performance, and succession planning

Topics to be covered

  • Best practice farm business management
  • Planning (incl. intro to succession)
  • Budgeting – strategic, operational
  • Introduction to understanding and interpreting the financial performance of a farm
  • Informed decision making
  • Risk

Where and when

A maximum of 15 participants per workshop has been set to ensure a great learning environment.

  • Moulamein, Wednesday, 14 June
  • Bunaloo, Thursday 15 June
  • Oaklands, Tuesday 27 June
  • Holbrook, Wednesday 28 June
  • Tumbarumba, Thursday 29 June

All workshops will run from 8.30 am – 4.30 pm (lunch included)

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Registration is essential: Register using our online form.

To find out more about these events contact Paul Simpson, Senior Land Services Officer – Mixed Farming Systems Local Land Services (0439 384 749 or Paul.Simpson@lls.nsw.gov.au)

9 May 2023 - 29 Jun 2023


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