Works progressing well on exclusion fencing program in Western NSW

Landholders and the environment in Western NSW will soon be better protected from the impacts of pest animals and weeds as on-ground works continue on a number of exclusion fencing projects.

The projects will see a total of 376 kilometres of exclusion fencing erected and 331,170 hectares of property enclosed.

The works will allow participating landholders to protect their properties from unmanaged grazing pressure including feral pigs, wild dogs and kangaroos, benefitting primary production and biodiversity.

The exclusion fencing projects will also be a valuable tool in the preparation for a potential emergency animal health outbreak such as foot-and-mouth or lumpy skin disease.

Western Local Land Services’ Brian Dohnt believes the projects will have many direct and indirect benefits.

“We know from speaking with landowners who have exclusion fencing that there are immediate and long-term benefits to primary production and the local environment,” Brian said.

“Through this program, we’ve been able to offer landholders a great opportunity to receive support for exclusion fencing, with the benefits to flow across communities and Western NSW more broadly.

“The level of interest this program received was very high and it’s great to see the projects and on-ground works progressing well.”

Through the program, 9 projects are being delivered by landholders, with support from Western Local Land Services.

One such landholder is Mark Kearines from Broken Range, who will construct 60 kilometres of exclusion fencing.

“This program was a no-brainer for me to apply for and I’m grateful to receive the support I am to construct my exclusion fence,” Mark said.

“I’m looking forward to having more control on unmanaged grazing pressure which will importantly allow me to plan for and manage dry times and droughts better.

“Equally important to the primary production benefits are the benefits that will be forthcoming for the local environment. That’s something I’m very passionate about.”

For further information, visit the Fencing Biosecure Production Zones and Pest Knockout Grant Program webpage.

The Fencing Biosecure Production Zones and Pest Knockout Grant Program is being delivered by Local Land Services through funding from the NSW Government.

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