Showcasing technology in the Western region (webinar recording)

This webinar was recorded on 21 September 2021 with Phil Tickle from Cibo Labs and David Ward from Goanna Ag presenting on how technology can be used in the pastoral zone.

In this webinar, Phil introduces the Cibo Labs PastureKey service which combines world-leading satellite remote sensing and data science with on-farm knowledge to estimate feed supply for every hectare. The service also monitors changes in the feed base and land condition on a weekly basis.

In addition, David introduces Goanna Ag's water management technology which is allowing landholders and their properties to communicate with each other like never before. Just imagine the advantages if your property could talk to you and you could understand what it was saying.

For more information on this topic contact Tanisha Shields, Senior Land Services Officer, on 0447 642 131 or

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