Lalli Farms

Under the Land Management Code, mid-north coast berry producer Lalli Farms has expanded a new winter cropping thornless blackberry variety and harnessed new market opportunities.

Using the Equity section of the Land Management Code, Nerinderjeet Lalli (known as Nick), can significantly upscale the farm’s blackberry production, ensuring the ongoing viability of his farm and greater local employment.

Lalli Farms manages a set-aside area for pests and weeds. And, to ensure healthy biodiversity for the area, the farm supports species such as native bees to help in the fruit growing.

"It took me a long time to find this unique property and now I can expand it under the legislation, it’s great. It gives me the 100% certainty I need to plan for the future of this property and my children’s future."

– Nick Lalli, Lalli Farms

Read the full Lalli Farms case study here (PDF).

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