Livestock Health and Welfare Following a Flood

There are many potential issues for producers to consider in the aftermath of the major flood event that hit the North Coast earlier this year and the ongoing rainfall since.  Our District Veterinarian team can provide advice for producers to consider in the management of their livestock health and welfare.

In the short term, there is the immediate work involved in repairing infrastructure such as fence-lines and laneways and ensuring that immediate animal welfare responsibilities such as provision of adequate food, water and shelter are met.

A very important consideration is the increased potential for certain livestock diseases and the major diseases for producers to remain vigilant for include:

  • gastro-intestinal diseases such as yersinia (mud scours)
  • parasites such as barbers pole, small intestinal worms and liver fluke
  • lameness as the result of trauma or bacterial infections of the hoof
  • mastitis
  • clostridial infections, including blackleg and botulism
  • toxicities due to poisonous plants

If you have any immediate animal disease concerns regarding your livestock or would like more information regarding livestock diseases following the floods, please contact either your private veterinarian or the North Coast Local Land Services District Veterinarian team on 1300 795 299.

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