Spring in the North Coast is the start of the Bush Fire Danger Period

Landowners and managers must obtain permits from NSW Rural Fire Service before lighting fires for land clearance or fire breaks from the 1st of September to the end of March 2022. North Coast Local Land Services are prepared and ready to respond in the event there is a bushfire. Our staff are trained and equipped to assist with caring for animals at evacuation centers and to provide animal health and welfare services for pets, livestock and wildlife during and after a bushfire.

While we are ready and able to assist, the best possible way to minimise any risk to you, your property, and your animals is to have a plan. The ‘Get Ready Animals’ website is a handy site prepared in collaboration with various organisations to help you, your group, association, breed club, business, and local community be prepared for emergencies. It steps you through what to do with animals when there is an emergency. It has guides for pets, small animals, horses, livestock, and wildlife.

Being informed of local conditions is also critically important. ABC News is the national emergency broadcaster and has a role in sharing information and warnings during emergencies. Local radio and television stations, social media, and Council websites can also provide regular updates that will assist you in deciding when to enact your emergency plan. It is highly recommended that you keep a battery-operated radio available should internet and mobile service be interrupted.

The NSW Rural Fire Service and the NSW State Emergency Services offer clear instructions and information about the best way to create a plan through the website, MyFirePlan, to help you be prepared.

Listen to an episode from our Land Life Podcast Series about preparing your farm and farm animals for the bushfire season, including things to look out for in fire impacted livestock.  Preparing Your Animals For The Fire Season | Land Life on Acast

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